Review on “Alternat1ve Energy” (Mindanao Blog Directory)

I am just wondering why I could not connect to the URLs of the Biodiesel, Biomass, and the other Renewable Energy in this site (no offense Marc) but I just didn’t know what went wrong..honestly. 🙂

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  1. Congrats, Vic! You’re the first one to submit an entry to the “You Got Blogged!” competition! May I make some suggestions? You’re supposed to concentrate on the blog itself — while you are free to inject your own opinion about the topic of the blog (in this case, alternative energy), the point of this exercise is to talk about the blog.

    Also, pls link to the blog that you reviewed.

    You may still edit your entry.

  2. Vic, your entry still doesn’t contain a link to Pls link to that blog or your entry might be invalidated. We must stick to the guidelines. Thanks.

  3. […] Review on “Alternat1ve Energy” […]

  4. Cool.

  5. Nice!

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