What is FINANCIAL FREEDOM to you??


A lot of people ask me about this most of the time…and I would always answer like this saying “Are you kidding me? Where were you while billions of people were talking about this subject for the past 20years??” Of course I intended to make a joke out of that corny statement. 😎

FINANCIAL FREEDOM to me is basically having sufficient/enough wealth to live without necessarily having to actively work for our basic needs and or wants.

SIMPLIFY?? Works and jobs. Salaries. Revenues. Assets and liabilities. Income and expenses. Inflation rates. Stocks. Dividends. Bonds. TBs. UITFs. MFs. Etc etc…

I want to STOP right here. I dont want to go any further about these hot topics above because a lot of book authors are already making millions just by talking about them…I dont want to be a part of that unfair statistics. 😎

I think the REAL MESSAGE that I am trying to get across here is this – What have you done so far to attain this FINANCIAL FREEDOM?

Are you still relying in your monthly salary? Small business? Or are you already practising the CASH FLOW QUADRANT of Mr. Robert Kiyosaki?

My Philosophy about INCOME GENERATION is like this – Anything…and I mean anything legal that can put value on my financial book is a sure road to FINANCIAL FREEDOM. WHAT’s yours? 😎




December is here once again people of the Philippines (and the rest of the world). 😎

A lot of people are excited mainly because of the spirit of Christmas, the gift givings and receivings, the Christmas carollings, the family bondings, the Christmas parties and celebrations, the school batch reunions, and etc etc.

So as we can all see, the month of December is the most interesting month of the year and everybody is really looking forward to spending it with flying colors everywhere. 😎

Clearly, December is the most-awaited month of the year when we can all have the honor to experience our planned “VACATIONS”.

Those employees out there are the most excited when we talk about “VACATIONS” and that’s very obvious because everybody needs a break from working so hard the whole year round.

When I was still in the corporate world in Makati City more than a decade ago, I was of course one of those employees who was looking forward to “VACATIONS” every December.

But right now, after years of work experiences as both an employee and an Entrepreneur, I still find it so fascinating why people plan their “VACATIONS” with so much care (12 months planning) than planning their “LIVES” – and I think I have to agree with what Mr. Jim Rohn has to say about this…he said it is maybe because most of us have this kind of belief that… “ESCAPE IS BETTER THAN CHANGE” 😎

Having made my point, let me ask you this…what is more important to you? VACATIONS OR REALIZATIONS? It is your CHOICE! 😎