DPWH’s Blue Book

I have already sent this comment to the DPWH but I want to share this to all of you so you will know something. :-)


The “Blue Book” is your set of standards I believe. Do you have any regular revision(s) of the said book? I suppose you do have and you should because every industry should grow and cope up with the trend of technology. :-)

I am sure that you have heard of special additives being used to enhance the property of the concrete. So, are these products already included in your revisions? I think not. Too bad. Every time I approached an Engineer from the DPWH, I get frustrated because I always get the same reply…and that is..”I can not use that product because it is not included in the blue book.

Well, how come these products are being used in Taipei 101 in Taiwan, Petronas Towers in Malaysia, Sears Tower in Chicago, Jin Mao Building in Shanghai, and other skyscrapers around the world? Are they dumb or stupid enough to try these products for their construction projects? Of course not. So, what about Philippines? Do we have a plan to build some of the worlds tallest skyscrapers.?


This photo shows the Burj Dubai (Arabic: برج دبي “Dubai Tower”) that will soon be the supertall skyscraper in mid 2009. It is now currently under construction in the “New Downtown” of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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  1. Bakit walang taga DPWH na nag comment dito??

    • Busy cguro sa kikik sa mga projects nila. :)

    • Sir Malaking tulong po sakin to.pwede po pa send po. Email ko po eh valencia_dennis@ymail.com thank you po! God Bless!:D

      • Wrong post sensya.hehe

  2. Hi! Do you have a copy of the blue book? If so can I ask for a copy? Email me at yakiba_08(at)yahoo.com for more details. thanks

    • Abigail,

      Why do you need it? It’s not being used in actual application anyway. :)

      • Hi! I have a research regarding our current standards and it’s comparison to foreign application/standards. Can you help me in regard to this? Thanks.

  3. I am eager to have a copy of DPWH Blue Book. I already asked their personnel, but I received a word ” wla ako authority to distribute”. If is sold, I prefer to buy.

    Since such blue book is beyond my reach, can I personally ask you a PDF copy. You can send it to my e-mail ad : michael_villaluna@yahoo.com

    thanks in advance

    • Michael,

      Inutil kasi yang DPWH eh. :)

      Wala rin akong copy even the PDF. A friend of mine bought his mga thousands of pesos yata. :)

      • Di na man ceguro inutil. Marami lang tanga! Blue Book lang di alam?

  4. May i wish to have a copy of the blue book.if ever there is any copy would I be pay for how much each book and i may send my money to purchase 1.

  5. Dear Sir,
    I’m planning to take an Accreditation exam for Matl Engineer.. pwede bang kopyahin yang Blue Book mo?

  6. hey.. do have a soft copy of the blue book? wer can i download it? or wud u mind if u send me a a copy in my email address.. my report is about the bluebook and i dont have any idea bout it.. plz.. thnx.

  7. hey sir.. do have a soft copy of the blue book? wer can i download it? or wud u mind if u send me a a copy in my email address.. my report is about the bluebook and i dont have any idea bout it.. plz.. thnx.

  8. im planning to get a material engineering exam..how can i have a blue book of dpwh???thank you..

  9. I bought my copy of the blue book VolumeII (Highways, Bridges and Airports), the latest version (2004) at the Bureau of Research and Standards (BRS) along EDSA, near GMA-Kamuning MRT station in Manila. I forgot exactly how much it is but it should be between Php300-600.

    • Jamelein, I have attended a seminar from DPWH and they told us that a 2010 version will be out this December. Maybe thats the reason they are selling the 2004 version so cheap at P300-600..??. :)

      To all who have been looking for this not so good but quite in-demand-book (i just dont know why), I can get one this time and scan it and send to someone interested. Hows that sounds? :)

      • Hi, Thant would be of great help for all of us. Please send me a copy also (lhars_22@yahoo.com).


      • can you send a copy to my eamil edriansoliguen@yahoo.com

      • pwede mangayo og kopya ngadto sa akong email taroroy@gmail.com ? salamat

      • hi,
        its sounds good…
        can you please send me a copy….
        thank you so much….

      • In demand. It’s because it is the STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS FOR HIGHWAYS, BRIDGES AND AIRPORT construction. Civil Engineers should know that.

      • pahabol… please also send it to me…i’ve been looking for that book because im planning to take the Mat’E exam…for sure that would be a great help… thank you so much..

      • pahabol po, can you also send me a copy of d blue book? much tnx.

      • boss, pwd po mkahabol…. p cend din po ako ..tnx

      • hi jamelein,

        that sounds very nice of you.can you pls.send me also copy to deodi@hotmail.com,im also looking for this book.

        hope it will return to you an hundredfold.

      • hi..will you please me also a copy. my email address is domat_ce58979@yahoo.com.ph.

      • hey i’m kind of late on the thread… but could you give me a copy also… ctc_lincoln@hotmail.com

      • Can you please send me a copy too???
        Here’s my e-mail: marsmith@rocketmail.com

      • Hi, can i have your soft copy too…thank you so much…
        this is my email add, alvindeliro@yahoo.com


      • sir. maam.
        pa send din po ng mga kaylangan aralin for materials engr sa rich_ryw@yahoo.com
        thanks po advance please send

      • i’d appreciate it very much if you could help us out on this. could you please send me a copy. many thanks. kindly send at vinmgarcia@yahoo.com

      • Hello can I also have a copy of the blue book, it would be really a good help in my schooling if I had one. ..
        Can you emal me a soft copy (jmecalternative@gmail.com).

        Tnx and more power on this site…

      • hey..can u pls send me a copy too..?i feel interested on taking material engr..thank u..jherrera0507@yahoo.com

      • if it’s not too late to ask… can i have a copy of the blue book as well… thanks :) my email address is mannieparangan@yahoo.com

      • hi! hope it is not too late to ask… can i have a copy of the blue book as well… thanks :) my email address is st.moh29@yahoo.com.ph …tnx a lot

      • im also wanting a copy of that book… Please send me too in desz_30r@yahoo.com.. Thanks a lot.. God bless to all..

      • hello..can u send me a copy too..thank you very much!..am planning to take a materials engineering exam too.. this is my email ad http://www.clearrivers02@yahoo.com.ph

      • good day sir/madam,

        pahabol din po.
        .pahingi din po ng soft copy,hope its not too late,,thanks a lot…tonet2030@yahoo.com.

        GOD BLESS

      • Pa send po malaking tulong po to sa akin.salamat po. eto po email add ko po. valencia_dennis@ymail.com

      • hi, can i have a copy too? please send me thru my email add: records.fo7@gmail.com
        a million thanks po.

      • Hi Vicubs, do you already have a soft copy of the blue book? Can you share it with me? This will be a lot of help since I am planning to get the Materials Engineer Exam this September. I am reviewing already but I don’t know if my reference would be enough. Please send me the copy at romualdojr_gulinao@yahoo.com.

    • sorry i forgot my email add: xander_tribon@yahoo.com

      thank you again…

    • sir /madam jamelein ,can i barrowed your blue book , or can i paxerox it so that i can also review for the exam thanks for your help……or please send me also a copy of blue book to buado_joejohanne@yahoo.com thanks again………

    • Sir Malaking tulong po sakin to.pwede po pa send po. Email ko po eh valencia_dennis@ymail.com thank you po! God Bless!:D

  10. wala pki dpwh

  11. ang blue mao na ang bible sa mga taga PDWH mao nga dili na nila idistribute sa public ky mahadlok sila ug mahibaw an sa uban ang ilang sayop. . . siempre if you know whats rigth then they can’t hide thier foolishness. puyra sa mga maayo lang.

    • Hey, that’s not true. Renirequire nga lahat ng contractors na magkaroon ng copy nyan.

  12. ako bai taga dpwh sad ko kaniadto, dili sad tanan korakot, daghan sang bootan labi ug mahadlokon sa Ginoo. Kadaghana gud sa mga tawo di mahadlok makasala mao magpatuyang gyud ug pangawat basta makakita ug higayonmakakawat. dili sa DPWH lang halos tanan ahensya sa gobierno or pribado kay inborn na nga kinaiya sa tawo nga mobuhat gyud ug sala. abi kay minilyon ang gikawat ni talpulano mao ra ang akusahan nga nangawat? nya ang imo peos peso lang di lang nimo kuentahon? Kamo nga cge ug yawyaw nag korakot ang taga dpwh basa kuno mo ug bible nya hinoktuki kong dili ba sad mo kawatan.


    • yeah, tama u. kung ang tawo gusto mangurakot, bisag asa, kung naay pagkakataon, mu-grab jud sa opportunity.

      Kung ikaw nagtuo na tanang taga dpwh corrupt, sala na man sad na. nakasala ka sa imong hunahuna. Luoy sad ang mga naa sa dpwh nga nagtinarong ug trabaho baya, unya apil-apilon lang ug akusahan.

      • grabe na kaau ang dpwh karon. pagawas nila nga dako savings c pinoy thru “competitive bidding” kuno!! they are making fool of themselves! pity them! Huhuhuuu

  13. pls send me also a copy,tnx

  14. rsubrecaray@yahoo.com

  15. may blue book sa pice cebu..ibinbenta for 550 php..

  16. Guys. may nakita aku kopya ng dpwh blue book sa scirbd. http://www.scribd.com/doc/36235450/DPWH-Blue-Book# nga lang i cant find a away to download without paying..

  17. I’m also interested in obtaining a copy. please send it at zwire01@gmail.com.
    a million thanks!

  18. can you pls send me a copy of that blue book.. here’s my email add.. yeengris_43@yahoo.com
    tnx in advance.. Godbless :))

  19. Please do send me a copy also for the blue book….
    my email address is kristyservanez@yahoo.com

  20. hi,pwede makahabol ng copy din sa iyong heartly na pagsupply sa imong igkasi engineers,pa email me sa rbs_engineering@yahoo.com.ph.salamat a hundredfold,and sana it will return some goodness sa iyo.God knows.

  21. hi…will you please send me also a copy of the blue book to my email address domat_ce58979@yahoo.com.ph
    May God bless you….

  22. Hello..Please send us a copy of the blue book to our email address geerbay@yahoo.com MAY GOD SHOWERS HIS ABUNDANT BLESSINGS TO YOU….

  23. Hello, I just want to ask kung kasama ba sa Blue book and mga road signs and symbols. Thank you and more power!!!

  24. please send me a copy. thanks


  25. Hello..please send me a copy also..thank you so much..Visitacion_ram@yahoo.com

  26. visitacion_ram@yahoo.com, small letters po lahat..salamat po ulet..

  27. hi all, sos, pls anybody who has a copy of blue pls send it to my email add: pebarlejr@yahoo.com
    thank you a billion times and may GOD bless us all ce.

  28. error i mean BLUE BOOK… thanks

  29. can i request for a copy too? if its okay with you please do send it to my email at gcm52061@yahoo.com

    been trying to locate and buy a copy with no luck.. thanks..

  30. the 2004 blue book is under revision due to new construction materials that are needed to be included and updated. but until the latest are not yet release, the latest edition is still acceptable. for those who are saying something against the department regarding the new materials that were used on some of the great infra on other countries, we do have them also but are still under conditional status. conditional because its applicability is stll under obsevation on some pilot project. once it passed the criteria, it would then be included n the regular specification and standards. fyi

    concern public servant, bod

  31. hello everyone.. itatanong ko lang po sana kung saan yong venue ng exams ng materials engineer’s accreditation sa manila? please let me know po. I’m planning to take my upgrading exam this coming march po sana.. thank u so much..

  32. saan ho ba ang venue ng exam sa manila for the materials engineer’s accreditation exam? please let me know..

  33. sir/madam jamelein please send me also a copy of blue book please thanks for yor help…….please my email buado_joejohanne@yahoo.com

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  35. im also planning to take a M.E. exam this coming sept. too bad can’t find an available blue book. can you please send me a soft copy of this? thank you very much. please… jpaubsanon_3@yahoo.com ung email add ko. thanks talaga

  36. kindly pls send me a copy of the dpwh blue book , thank you , my e mail add is kaspernatz@yahoo.com

  37. kindly send me a soft copy of dpwh blue book thru my email ad daredevil_reborn@yahoo.com … thanks.

  38. dude, send me a copy too to this add: rdallarse@yahoo.com. a million thanks bro.

  39. san ba nakakabili nyan. i want soft copy or even a hard..!!! may you sent it at my email? lordcival@gmail.com

  40. hi, pwed ko makahingi copy. please send at this email.patglyz26@gmail.com. maraming salamat po.

  41. sir ako din pede po manghingi ng copy ng bluebook….eto po email ko…. denmark_iye@yahoo.com gusto ko po magexam habang bata pa…thanks po..

  42. please send me a copy of the dpwh blue book. thanks!

  43. please send me the latest edition of DPWH BLUE BOOK..
    and procurement manual through my email:

    i appreciate so much your kindness
    God speed engineers///

  44. mga bro, kung sino may copy jan ng DPWH BLUE BOOK can you please send me a copy, bigyan ko din kayo reviewer for master plumber. here is my email. ruel78@yahoo.com

  45. there are additives in the blue book which are tested in usa standard. Actually, the name of brand of additives is not stated in the blue bcoz blue book is a standard guideline. Not a product brochure. Still, additives are based in phil. Climate, soil strata,environment, etch. Get?

    BAD FOR YOU! TRY TO KNOW THE RULES -Get approval from DPWH of your Taipee 101, then somebody in the dpwh will buy your product,ok?

  47. hi po….pwedeng makahingi po ng kopya ng blue book po ninyo….e2 po e-mail add ko…
    tnx po…gbu

  48. hi sir.. sir pwede rin po ba akong magpaseng ng files na gagamitin para reference sa material enginnering examination kasi po malaki po ung chance na hindi mag open ng review ung PICE ngayon kasi konti langpo ung nagparegister sa review eh.. salamat po ng marami sir,, eto po ung email add ko harveylene@yahoo.com salamat po sir God bless <3

  49. hi po.. pwede rin po b ako mkahingi ng kopya ng blue book.. thanks po.. eto po email ko: shadow_nash08@yahoo.com
    God Bless po..

  50. please send me a copy of blue book

  51. Hi! I need also a copy… please send at josetolo_jr@yahoo.com
    Thanks and regards.

  52. Already downloading.. thanks.

  53. pls send me a copy of dpwh blue book..thanks much…you can email it to me…abel_hon22@yahoo.com

  54. Hi po! GOOD day, badly needed din po ako. I and my dad para sa projects niya and copy paste na lang sana. Para maturuan ko din siya in an easier way, ehehehe, plsss and thank you po pa-send sa allynestimo@gmail.com;)

  55. hello! i and my friend plan to take mtrl’s engr. accreditation.. pasend nmn po copy of blueook.. thanks alot! Godbless you..

  56. guys, u can download it from this site

    Good luck po sa lahat. :-). Sana’y nka-help po ako sa inyo. God bless

    • Thanks Cherry! May GOD bless you more! :)

  57. It’s very embarrassing all the comments here. Since Philippines did not try to update project specification adapting latest innovative technology specially concrete and steel and even test procedures.

    In this forum, mostly know only about the blue book volume II. Eventually blue book comprise into three volumes, volume I – about contracts, vol II roads, bridges, ports and highways, vol. III for buildings and I think includes water works. I have seen volume III issued in some municipalities. And there were many updates about all this volumes. Quality in materials and craftsmanship are very essential considering we are exposed to severe and dangerous zone (earthquakes, extreme weather exposure etc.). The department heads of the DPWH must be serious about the quality,

    Maybe only the blue is familiar, but before the blue there is the so called red book. this is very excellent book..guide and specification in designing roads and bridges, only few have this book.

    I have work in one of the iconic project here in KSA which is the King Abdulazis Aiport Project, but the approached in technicality is very great, not just by sticking in the specifications. Doctors in different engineering fields applies “latest of the art” technology deviating from spec but with equivalent quality, many test revised according to the applicability, logic and scientific explanations.

    I appreciate all in this forums wants quality change, quality of the implementers,

    good luck guys, we will hope there are changes the soonest., specs supposedly not for sale “it should be a public domain” such that everybody can benefited.. specially in our country for which quality is taken for granted……

    • Thanks for the info and for dropping by.

      The entire Philippines is waiting for that “BIG” change. :)

      Let’s hope for a brighter and better future. :)

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