Bo Sanchez “Truly Rich Club”

Bo Sanchez “Truly Rich Club”

If YOU want to gain financial wealth and spiritual abundance at the same time, become a Bo Sanchez follower – because you can not get them by just simply following me 🙂

Mr. Bo Sanchez is one of my mentors. He might not know it yet but that’s the truth. When it comes to that “truly rich” thing, there is no one that I appreciate the most but his consistent, logical, and GODly way of putting everything into its proper perspective (perhaps the most stimulating and amazing way).

I want to say a little background about him but before that let me tell you this first – I am not going to get anything from him in return. No thank you…no commissions…no referal fees…no nothings. This is just for the sake of art. NO I am just kidding. In fact, I am not doing this in behalf of him but I am doing this in behalf of all of you guys. I truly believe that the moment you decide to follow him (not just me 😎), your perspective about being “TRULY RICH” will never be the same again. Trust me. 😇

Mr. Bo Sanchez’s background:

For twenty years, He was a poor missionary.

He was still single that time…no wife to romance on dates or a house mortgage to pay. So to him being a poor missionary was okay.

He actually didn’t need money. He was happy preaching, writing, and doing ministry works among the poor. He had this funny belief about “loving the poor” – he really thought that to love the poor, he had to become poor.

He also used to think that to be close to God, he had to be poor too. So as you can see, Mr. Bo Sanchez had this subconscious belief that “MONEY WAS EVIL”.

But today, he is now a Truly Rich missionary. He chose to become an entrepreneur. He now runs businesses, invest in real estate properties, and invest in stocks and other paper assets. Because he has now this belief that the ultimate purpose of wealth is to love others.

Amen? Praise the Lord! Brothers and sisters, I truly believe that if we have more we can help more…and that we can not give something we do not have.

I wish all of you will become so truly rich one day – that’s indeed having FINANCIAL WEALTH AND SPIRITUAL ABUNDANCE at the same time. Good luck to all of you! And may GOD bless us all! 😇😎


“POOR people GO TO WORK;…


This is a very striking and powerful statement from ROBERT KIYOSAKI (Author of the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”). 🙂

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A Message To All People Who Want To EARN MORE

“POOR people GO TO WORK; RICH people BUILD NETWORKS.” – A very striking statement from ROBERT KIYOSAKI (Author of the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”). 🙂

Most people I know have NO IDEA what PASSIVE INCOME is!  And I pity them! Well, sometimes I feel frustrated for them for not even trying to find it out.

They ONLY know one source of income – SALARY.

And when I talk about other streams of income, they PANICKED. Subconsciously, I think they’ve created an emotional attachment with their JOBs/WORKs.

This attachment is like an INVISIBLE PRISON BARS that kept them locked up in POVERTY. Why? Because they are afraid to go out from their COMFORT ZONES to grab some OPPORTUNITIES that can give them EXTRA INCOME working part-time apart from their full-time jobs.

If YOU are one of these people I know, look at yourself in the mirror and ASK THIS – “How much am I earning? Is this enough to provide my needs, my wants, my likes?”

If YOU are only earning P10k, P15k or P20k a month, for Christ’s sake OPEN UP YOUR MINDS NOW! There are a lot of opportunities out there that can create PASSIVE INCOME for you.

Do not be afraid of the RISKS in trying out something new. Why?

Because first of all, your LIFE is already at RISK by just earning that much..or that little.. 🙂

Second, all our GROWTHS are just outside our comfort zones – so if YOU want some drastic changes in your LIFE, do not be afraid of all these RISKS. We may fumble thru trials along the way, but all these will only make us a BETTER PERSON.

Third, it does not matter how many times we will fail while trying to GROW OUTSIDE OUR COMFORT ZONES. What matters most is the LEARNING we get from doing it. Because ONLY thru LEARNING where we start to become A BETTER PERSON. And ONLY thru becoming a better person when we start LIVING A BETTER LIFE. 🙂

Oh, If you want to know more about PASSIVE INCOME, feel free to research it or PM me about it. 🙂

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